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330 National Road Southwest, Reynoldsburg, OH, 43068


Much like the deck on a house, a boat floor is made up of the decking you can see and the underlying structure you don’t.   On boats, this underlying framing structure is made up of stringers and ribs.  It’s the area below that you can’t see is subjected to constant moisture, dirt, mold, fungus, bugs, mildew, oils and other chemicals. Some projects require a full teardown to the fiberglass hull and rebuild of all the structural members and flooring.  Covering over the hidden issues will make it look pretty – but leave you with potential danger and spending more money later.  Make sure you are working with a reputable dealer like Ohio Boat Works who will thoroughly diagnose and repair these issues.
Ohio Boat Works can rebuild your boat. Whether you need a small repair or complete show quality restoration, we can service your needs and wants. We specialize in “inboard, direct drive & V-drive” boats from such builders as Correct Craft, Mastercraft, Malibu, Supra, Centurion, Century and others. We also rebuild stern drive and outboard powered boats as well.So why do we lean towards the “inboard” powered boats? Like most anything, it comes down to value! You would not want to spend 1000’s of dollars restoring a Chevette, but you may want to spend your hard earned money on a vintage Corvette! And the same goes with boats. With the high cost of new boats, spending a few 1000 dollars on a nice I/O may be well worth the expense of repairing your water craft, but with an older Correct Craft or classic Century inboard, you may want a show or near show rebuild.There really is no greater joy than pulling in to launch your classic and have a dozen people surround your rig for a better look. I have experienced this repeatedly, even on the water folks will drive by and give you the thumbs up or “hey, nice boat”. But the added benefit is again, value! What you spent will come back to you the day you decide to sell your pride and joy. Maybe you just need the money or find another project which suits your desires even better than your current boat.What ever your needs or wants, we can do the job. Trailer rebuilding, engines, transmissions, upholstery, carpet, gel coat, fiberglass, structures, stringers, transoms and more.