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Cracked Block

Cracked Engine Block



Coefficient of thermal expansion of ice:

Which all means that the expansion of water as it freezes has the strength to break an engine block as shown above. The inevitable breakdown of oils and fuels in your engine as it sits clogs carburetors and other essential engine parts, requiring costly repair and cleaning. Your engine is often the most expensive component of the boat. Why take the risk?Proper preparation of your boat interior and a professional covering will not only protect your boat from the elements, but also the dreaded critters that invade boats. Let’s face it; the average guy spends only a couple hours covering his boat for the winter. The critters lives depend on them finding ways to get into your boat so they can chew wood, mulch seats, even have a family. If the bugs aren’t bad enough, don’t forget about the destruction left by mice, rats and raccoons. We use only proven techniques and products to protect your investment. Timely winterizing will help your boat provide you with many years of enjoyment to come.Contact us for our rates on winterizing and storage.